Strategy for orthodontic treatment

Strategy for orthodontic treatment


Modern treatment techniques help correct various types of malocclusions within 0.5 to 2 years.

There are two primary treatment techniques: with teeth extractions and without it. The decision on what treatment technique is suitable for you is made with consideration of the following: age, type of malocclusion, type of braces and patient’s diligence. Around 25% of cases in our practice are those when treatment involves teeth extraction, in 25 % of cases it is not necessary and 50% of patients have borderline cases, when both options are possible. The determining factor here is facial profile. If patient’s face is convex, teeth extraction is recommended as it improves lips position against chin and nose. If patient’s face is concave or the bite is end-to-end, dentists go for treatment without extraction. Success of such treatment without extraction depends in 99% cases on the patient, or rather his or her ability to scrupulously follow doctor’s orders, for instance to wear elastics and other devices. Most borderline cases are treated without teeth extraction at our clinic.

With the emergence of the latest treatment technique — Damon system, indications for treatment without teeth extractions have become much wider, and successful results can be achieved easier, faster, in a more comfortable way. Additionally, the Damon system also eliminates the need for auxiliary devices: face-bows, screws and lip bumpers.

It is now possible to move teeth even when there is a considerable bone loss (more than 50%), typical of periodontitis and paradontosis patients. We have gained extensive expertise in complex treatment of periodontal diseases. Such treatment includes orthodontic, prosthetic and splinting procedures. Additionally, we perform tests, designed to reveal biochemical properties of bone metabolism in patients suffering from periodontal diseases, as well as other methods for identifying structural and functional status of the bone system. If necessary, treatment course involves prescription of medication for bone metabolism control.
Patient’s age is not of critical importance, teeth can be aligned regardless of person’s age. However, patient’s dentoalveolar system health and overall state of health do have importance. At our clinic we have orthodontic patients who are over 50 and even in their early 60s. That is why we pay special attention to pre-treatment examination.