Titanium braces

Titanium braces


Titanium braces are hypoallergic. Orthos Titanium 2 braces are the most biocompatible ones available today. They do not contain nickel, what makes them an ideal option for those patients who are allergic to this metal. However, titanium braces are conventional (with elastic ligatures) and that is why they don’t offer the advantages of self-ligating appliances. (Damon System).

Transparent braces

Transparent braces (ceramic or sapphire) require extra careful oral hygiene practices. They are also thicker than metal braces. The main advantage is that they look aesthetic since they are nearly invisible on patient’s teeth. Sapphire braces Inspire Ice are recognized as the most transparent of all aesthetic braces systems.

Due to several reasons, the use of transparent braces on lower jaw is limited. A reasonable compromise between the aesthetics and reliability is a combined appliance — transparent braces on the upper jaw, and metal braces on the lower jaw.