Advantages of teeth implants

Advantages of teeth implants

Recently, the conventional prosthesis is less popular than implantation. This is obvious, since the latter has many advantages over older methods of recovering lost teeth.

The task of prosthetics of all types is a regeneration of body parts that have been lost. In our case is the restoration of teeth.
Previously, the most frequently dentures were used, which are necessary to restore the teeth. This method is not only is uncomfortable and unaesthetic, but also can contribute the irritation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. After identifying these shortcomings of prosthetics the implantation has become more popular. Using this method you can be sure that, instead of lost teeth you will have dentures, which have no different from your native teeth.

What are the advantages of this method:

First of all, applying implantation you can correct defects of the dentition without grinding the adjacent teeth for bridges.
Secondly, implantation can eliminate from defect of any localization and extent.
Thirdly, only the implantation can stop bone resorption in a place where there are no teeth. This is due to the fact that the implant will again load the bone that due to the lack of a tooth (or load) may atrophy. During the first year of the missing tooth may be lost up to 26% of the bone tissue. In the next 3-4 years — 51%. This may lead to a malocclusionposition of the remainingteeth. Other methods of prosthesis can not give the necessary pressure on the bone.
Fourthly, the implant is an independent structure, which does not need support of the teeth on either side of the defect. Due to this solves problems can be solved, one of which is the ability to remove the extra load from the teeth during chewing.
However, in the full absence of teeth a fixed prosthesis can be created by dental implantation or the fixation denture can be improved. The borders of the implant are less than a conventional prosthesis, which allows fix dentures better, get used to it and do not actually feel that this is not your natural teeth.
This also helps in chewing, which helps set up the gastrointestinal tract. Working life of the prosthetic implant is much higher than that of conventional prostheses (with the right care and the implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor). In some cases it is possible to create crowns and implant immediately after tooth extraction.
Moreover, in certain cases, implantation can only be possible, as traditional method of prosthetics can not fix the problem.
You will gain confidence, because the implant does not differ from your native teeth, thanks to exact imitation of the color and shape of the natural teeth. People around you will not notice that you have dentures. But at the same time they will perform all the necessary functions.
If you need to restore the most distant teeth, implantation is the best alternative method compared with conventional prostheses.
It also eliminates the need to keep your teeth with periodontal uncertain outlook.
Consult your doctor — and you will learn that by implanting you keep your beautiful smile and confidence. Remember that even in the absence of the required volume of bone you will still be able to make the implantation, in contrast to the classical prosthesis. However, in some cases, it demands to make additional preparations for improving the results of implantation. These include Guided bone regeneration, recovery and transplantation of bone blocks, and closed or open sinus lift (lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus).